What is the online Youth Protection Program?


The online training program is the Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania Online Training Course


It is a self-guided computer course.  In it you will learn how to recognize child abuse, how to report abuse, and how to keep the children in your care safe.  This mandatory training is designed for all clergy and those in formation for priesthood and diaconate, employees and volunteers. 

This training is made possible by the University of Pittsburgh, the Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth and Families, The Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators, and funding from the Children's Justice Act.


What are the benefits to this online format?

*  It contains new and pertinent information.

*  It incorporates recent changes to Pennsylvania State Law.

*  It is web-based and self-paced.

*  It is flexible and can be done at the time and place convenient for the user.


How can I print my certificate?

*  Please note, a certificate will be available to print upon completion of the course.

*  A copy of this certificate must be presented to any Church related ministry in which you are employed and to any Church related ministry or activity in which you volunteer.

*  We suggest that you print a paper copy of the certificate.  Sending the certificate to the Church related ministry, in which you are employed or volunteering, is the recommended method of submission.


 If you need to reprint your certificate, you may log back into the site, re-launch the course, and reprint at any time.


For questions directly related to the Diocesan Youth Protection Program contact:


Technical Difficulties

If you experience any technical difficulties while taking the course, please call 717-605-0236 to report them or email to  Please include your name, email and a thorough description of the problem you are encountering.


Do I have to finish the course in one session?

You do not have to complete the coures in one session.  During any future visits, you will get a pop up message asking if you would like to resume where you left off.  Please click on "Okay" and you will pick up where you ended your session last time.



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